Ayaulym Alimkhaliyeva is crowned Miss Earth Kazakhstan 2024

Miss Earth Qazaqstan 2023 & Miss Earth Kazakhstan 2024 winner is Ayaulym Alimkhaliyeva (Аяулым Алимхалиева) of Almaty

Thu, Dec 14, 2023: Ayaulym Alimkhaliyeva is 20 years old, 175 CM Tall and measures 83/61/93 making her perfect beauty queen and model.

She is student of the International University of Business (UIB), majoring in "Psychology". She says "she was very active at school, participating in various competitions and Olympics."

Alimkhaliyeva, who has been working as a model for the fourth year, said it was her hobby. "The camera is me, and I love the camera," says the girl.

At the same time, Alimkhaliyeva is engaged in aerostretching and dancing. She has a high interest in sports. According to the girl who is now entitled to Miss Earth Stage, she is very open and honest and winning the contest "Miss Kazakhstan" is her childhood dream.

She is associated with Avanti Models working in Istanbul, Almaty and Bishkek.

Check Instagram.com/aeshkaa where Alimkhaliyeva updates latest pictures and visuals


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