Ava Celebtano is crowned Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2024

On conclusion of Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2024 Pageant which as was a three day gala April 12th, 13th and Sunday, April 14th, Ava Celebtano is crowned Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2024 after winning against 13 Contestants.

She succeeded and was crowned by outgoing queen Jade Ferdinand, Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2023.

Results: Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2024


  1. Aurelia Lateman
  2. Maggie Peterson
  3. Ava Celentano
  4. Daviana Plaza
  5. Peyton Trott

Check The List of 14 Contestants Vying Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2024 Crown

  1. Mary
  2. Hariette
  3. Pratyussha
  4. Devin
  5. Peyton Trott
  6. Aviva
  7. Nani
  8. Jazonni
  9. Ava Celentano, Miss North Haven Teen USA
  10. Aurelia Lateman
  11. Miriam
  12. Olivia
  13. Maggie Peterson
  14. Daviana Plaza


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