Australia Galaxy Pageants 2024 National Final on May 1st-4th in Bankstown Sports Club, Sydney

Every year Miss Teen Galaxy Australia, Miss Galaxy Australia, Ms Galaxy Australia, and Mrs Galaxy Australia are crowned in Australia Galaxy Pageants

Fri, Oct 13, 2023: Australia Galaxy Pageants 2024 will return at pageant venue, the incredible Bankstown Sports Club, where the four days of Wednesday, May 1st to Saturday, May 4th, 2024 the glamorous photoshoots, workshops, annual Eco Fashion Show, Grand Finale, Crowning Gala and After Party are scheduled.

The pageant venue Bankstown Sports Theatre is located in Bankstown Sports Club at Address: 8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia.

Entries opened on Tuesday August 1, 2023 and is still accepting registration of interest and aspiring contestants be the first to know when entries are live, as released by Australia Galaxy Pageants which crowns four queens, Miss Teen Galaxy Australia, Miss Galaxy Australia, Ms Galaxy Australia, and Mrs Galaxy Australia in the age ranges the Teen 14 - 18 year, Miss 19 - 27 year,•Ms 28+ and MRS 19+ year.

The Australia Galaxy Pageants says "its not just a competition; it's an incredible journey of self-discovery, personal growth and unforgettable experiences."

The Registration is available at Google powered 2024 Entry Form here and check full details at the official website

The Reigning Queens are Zoe Stanford Miss Teen Galaxy Australia 2023, Zoe Leith Stanford Miss Teen Gymea Galaxy 2023; Skyla Lauch Miss Galaxy Australia 2023, Miss Rosebud Galaxy 2023; Lisa Bennett Ms Galaxy Australia 2023, Ms Rivervale Galaxy 2023 @misslisabennett; and Leah Dortmann Mrs Galaxy Australia 2023, Mrs South Brisbane Galaxy 2023.


  1. Miss Teen Galaxy Australia 2024: Mia Goodlich
  2. Miss Galaxy Australia 2024: Jazinda Barnes
  3. Ms. Galaxy Australia 2024: Kimmi Jayne
  4. Mrs. Galaxy Australia 2024: Eleni Selleck

Check The Last Year's National Final Gala of Australia Galaxy Pageants 2023 on May 6th: Check LIVE Stream and Results


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