Ariadna Muro Dian was CROWNED The First Ever Miss Woman 2023

Sun, Apr 16, 2023 Hollywood: Ariadna Muro Dian The First Ever Miss Woman 2023 is just crowned who emerged winner against 60 contestants at end of the Grand Finale in official pageant venue and host hotel, Sheraton Parco de' Medici Rome Hotel today on Sunday, April 16, 2023.

Ariadna Muro Dian is Pageant Coach and founder-owner of Formación de Reinas By AriadnaMur which is a Training for Latin Beauty Queens. Master Ariadna Muro is winner of many beauty contests.

Miss Woman 2023 Contest was judged by The Jury Members Veteran Actor Maurizio Mattioli, with a history of over 200 films, Italian voice actor and comedian, Fioretta Mari devoted to cinema and television, teacher of acting and elocution along with Eva Henger hosted the coronation gala in Rome.

The Ariadna Muro Avatar shown in the picture shows her as Roman Gladiator fantasy, highlighting the fighting spirit, perseverance and resilience that characterizes her so much. In ancient Rome, The most remembered fighting shows in history were held in Rome, Italy which also is the Pageant Venue for Miss Woman 2023 Debut Edition.

Ariadna Muro lives in Guadalajara city, Mexico. Her court includes Monika Strońska 1st Runner-up and HB_Harmony 2nd Runner-up to Miss Woman 2023.


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