Anđela Gajić Shining Bosnia & Herzegovina at The 11th Miss World in India

The Medical Student, Anđela Gajić, 21, 180cm tall pageant queen vying Miss World Crown

Anđela Gajić is currently a student of Medicine and enjoys taking part in various sporting activities such as volleyball, swimming, tennis and fitness. She enjoys reading psychological books and would like to pursue a career in modelling and the fashion world. Recently she was the recipient of the European Night of Researchers Award which related to environmental projects at the Sarajevo Fashion Week.

Gajić says "I’m a positive, communicative and curious person always ready to help others."

The organization informed "Our beautiful ANGELA GAJIC is preparing to go to the biggest beauty pageant in the World MISS WORLD, Good luck Angela"

Anđela Gajić is CROWNED Miss Bosne i Hercegovine za Miss Svijeta 2023

Banja Luka's Andjela Gajic takes Miss Bosne i Hercegovine 2023 Crown Home

Sun, Jun 25, 2023: The Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina Organization has today elected Banja Luke Representative, Anđela Gajić, who emerged winner against 20 Contestants, as CROWNED Miss Bosne i Hercegovine za Miss Svijeta 2023 (Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina for Miss World 2023) at the end of Grand Finale in the pageant venue Hotel Osmine Slano today on Sunday June 25th, 2023 which started at 9pm.

As the name suggests Anđela Gajić Miss Bosne i Hercegovine za Miss Svijeta 2023 will represent her nation at the upcoming Miss World Pageant in India.

Check The Full Results Here:

Winner: Anđela Gajić Miss Bosne i Hercegovine za Miss Svijeta 2023

The Runners-up

  • 1. Pratilja - Anđela Joksimović
  • 2. Pratilja - Anisa Obad

Special Awards

  • Miss fotomodel - Nejra Smajiš
  • Miss šarma - Nikolija Stevanović
  • Miss interneta - Adna Sejkanovic
  • Miss televotinga - Željka Maksimović
  • Miss fotogeničnosti - Anđela Grubač

About: The Miss Bosne i Hercegovine (BiH) since 1996, elected the first queen Belma Zvrko.

Image & Latest Updates: Check Official Website | Facebook Miss Bosne i Hercegovine za Miss Svijeta | Instagram MISS BIH za Miss WORLD | Youtube MissBiHTV


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