Ambar Zenteno was CROWNED Miss World Chile 2022, Now for Miss World in 2024 at India

Mumbai's Jio World Convention Centre is waiting for Miss World Chile

Ambar Zenteno, 27, 180cm tall is Founder of ’Turquoise Heart Foundation’, Ambassador of Sunflower Hidden Disabilities and CERPOHCHI (First Chilean Conference for Rare and Infrequent Disease's)

Zenteno holds two Degrees, one in Science in Engineering and one in Natural Science and Maths and is currently focusing her energies on the foundation that she had founded called ’The Turquoise Heart.’ She works as a full time volunteer and raises awareness about Dysautonomia which she also suffers from.

Miss World Chile, Zenteno is also an Ambassador of Sunflower Hidden Disabilities and CERPOHCHI (First Chilean Conference for Rare and Infrequent Disease's) She is also an advanced Diver and enjoys playing the piano and freestyle dancing.

Ambar Zenteno tells the world about her "I’m a positive passionate woman committed to what I do and in a constant process of improvement, always searching for the best version of myself."

Carol Drpic CROWNS Ambar Zenteno Miss World Chile 2022

Watch LIVE Here

Sun, Oct 16, 2022: 2021 Miss World Chile Carol Drpic has just crown her successor, the Winner Las Condes Representative against 10 Contestants, Ambar Zenteno Miss World Chile 2022 today on Sunday, October 16th, 2022 at the end of LIVE Grand Finale commencing at 7:00 PM in ICON Hotel Santiago, Chile

Online People's Choice Vote is now live here:  
Like your favorite candidate and help her advance to the top 6 of the #MissMundoChile Grand Final. The likes will be added to the app votes and we'll have the two popularity winners. Deadline: October 13th, 9:00pm. Voting is open at Miss Chile App & Official Instagram @misschilemundo.

Check 11 Contestants Vying for Miss World Chile 2022 Crown

  1. Javiera Castro from Patagonia
  2. Ambar Zenteno from Las Condes
  3. Constanza Contreras from Chillán
  4. Camila Vásquez from Santiago
  5. Francesca Simpson from Quilpue
  6. Valentina Suárez from Concepción
  7. Giuliana Bullones from Papudo
  8. Romina Vega from La Reina
  9. Laura Padilla from Talcahuano
  10. Ana Dania Del Collado from Valparaíso
  11. Sinaí Fardella from Molina

Do you want to be the successor of Carol Drpic? We will be receiving applications during August, on our website


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