Alondra Mercado: Miss Beni, Miss World Bolivia & Miss Charm 2023 Pageant Journey

Trinitarian Carnival 2019 Queen, The Miss Beni & Miss World Bolivia 2020, Alondra Mercado is Official Miss World 2021 Bolivia Contestant at Puerto Rico 70Th Miss World Competition. In 2023, Mercado returned in pageant domain representing Bolivia at Miss Charm 2023.

At the year end, Mercado is regarded as Instagram Influencer with 416 posts attracting 40.1K followers at her blue-ticked handle

Alondra MERCADO Beauty with a Purpose @ Miss World 2021 Video here speaks a lot about her social mission while Alondra CAMPOS The Miss World 2021 Contestant Introduction at is short bio in context around the beauty pageant

Last Date: VOTE Alondra Mercado, Miss World Bolivia 2021 Journey To Miss World

You are are welcome to vote her win Multimedia Challenge Round making way to win The Miss World Crown

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Let's go B O L I V I A

1ST Day in San Juan, Puerto Rico:

Sun, Nov 21, 2021, San Juan, Puerto Rico: First Day on the island of enchantment of Alondra Mercado Miss World Bolivia 2021 Journey To Miss World is dedicated to Promociones Gloria and Miss World in Beautiful White Frock.

ROSITA POCHI Bolivia National Costume Revealed by Alondra Mercado Miss World Bolivia 2021 Journey To Miss World

Sun, Nov 21, 2021, San Juan, Puerto Rico: Alondra said: My national typical costume ROSITA POCHI (Mi traje típico nacional ROSITA POCHI)
Super happy and grateful to @ qhapaq_nan_art.3 for the incredible elaboration, you are a great artist
Long live BOLIVIA
QHAPAQ ÑAN ART DESIGN: The costume is worked in sbaroski stones, La Paz fabrics, more than 20,000 beads and sequins beads ... with chakana embroidery and OLEO paintings of all the eastern customs and representations in wings of 2 meters each making a total of 4 meters both .... and carrying the flag with the shield .... also wearing a gold top of the woman in a skirt on the chest .... A winch with embroidered Chakanas .... some earrings with potosine techniques.

Viru Viru International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Viru Viru) Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia To Puerto Rico Departure

Sat, Nov 20, 2021, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia: Light Pink Coat, Bell Bottom Pant Holding Sash in one hand, National Flag on the other and Crown Wearing Alondra Mercado Miss World Bolivia 2021 is Just On Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) to Puerto Rico Departure on Journey To Miss World with 5 Suitcase Labeled MISS BOLIVIA.

The Step by Step VOTE Online for Alondra Mercado Miss World Bolivia 2021 To Win Her Journey To Miss World Crown can be found here:

Miss World 2021 Online Vote Live Now @ Mobster


The Official BIO of Alondra Mercado Miss World Bolivia 2021 Journey To Miss World

Name: Alondra MERCADO
Nation: Bolivia
Title: Miss World Bolivia 2021
Official Miss World Age: 20 Year
The Height 169 CM Tall
Alondra Mercado 's Occupation: Student
Languages Known to Alondra Mercado : Spanish and Bolivian

Alondra is currently studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and has ambitions to become a Child Psychologist and run her own clinic. She enjoys cycling, swimming and singing and is a keen amateur landscape photographer. Her favourite book is ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and she has a pet dog called Bruno. Alondra's Personal Motto: ‘Positive Mind, Positive Life.’



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