Aleksandra Klepaczka was crowned Reina Internacional del Café 2024 at the Final on January 13th in Manizales

Manizales Fair hosted the 52nd Reinado Internacional del Café 2024 pageant on Saturday, January 13th in the city of Manizales, Colombia.

At the end of Grand Finale Poland representative Aleksandra Klepaczka was crowned Reina Internacional del Café 2024 by the outgoing queen Isabella Bermúdez.

The pageant invites candidates from different countries of coffee producers and exporters.

The 1st Runner-up, International Coffee Viceroy 2024 (Virreina Internacional del Café) placement won by France represented by Manuella Parent, who is 22 years old, lived in Lille, fluently speek Spanish and did her studies in international relations.

The 2nd Runner-up is Cuba's María Karla Vilches, 3rd Runner-up Spain's Lola Wilson and Mexico's Karla Rivas takes 4th Runner-up placement.

Top 10 are Bolivia's Karina Landívar, Brazil's Luciana Gomes, Colombia's Ana Sofia Herrera, Panama's Reychel Lobo and Venezuela's Meagans Rojas.

The Best Face (Mejor Rostro) winner is Manuella Parent of France while The Best Hair Award (Mejor Cabello) winner is Aleksandra Klepaczka.

The Grand Finale and Coronation was LIVE at Facebook.


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