44 Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2023 Contestants Vying Chance to Miss Teen USA 2023 Stage in The VETS @ Providence: Check Results

Sun, May 28, 2023 Hollywood: Miss New Jersey USA 2023, Derby Chukwudi is right in Providence to cheer her RI Sisters says "I am so excited to attend the Rhode Island USA pageant this weekend! Prelims are complete and all the contestants were stunning! Tomorrow we welcome two new queens to our sisterhood - I can’t wait!!!" Today the reigning teen queen Julia Potts, Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2022 is going to take her last walk and end her term when she crowns her successor, the winner in 44 contestants, as new Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2023 at The Pageant Venue Veterans Memorial Auditorium (The VETS) Theater in Providence, Rhode Island in shared stage with Miss Sisters. The show time is 2pm on Sunday, 28th, 2023.

WINNER: Lola Paolissi Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2023

TOP 5 Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2023 Finalists

  1. Sophia Pachis
  2. Ocean Lombard
  3. Krisity Sanethavong
  4. Paige Doyle
  5. Lola Paolissi

Result TOP 12 Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2023 Contestants / Semifinalists

  1. Evalynn Carroll
  2. Reyana Ahern
  3. Daneiry Craig
  4. Paige Doyle
  5. Callie Frazier
  6. Taylor Mooney
  7. Leah Holland
  8. Ocean Lombard
  9. Sophia Pachis
  10. Krisity Sanethavong
  11. Alexis Poluvatzick
  12. Lola Paolissi - Teen People's Choice Winner

Check The Top 12 Delegates' Images Here!

Check The LIST of 44 Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2023 Contestants

  1. Aislynn Fasulo
  2. Alexandria Rawcliffe
  3. Alexis Poluvatzick
  4. Alivia Laferriere
  5. Angelina Deschenes
  6. Angelina Elgar
  7. Angelina Feliz
  8. Ava Coletta
  9. Ava Pollard
  10. Aviah Fraere
  11. Callie Frazier
  12. Daneiry Cruz
  13. Ella Grace Mollmann
  14. Emily McDonough
  15. Estefany Varela Munguia
  16. Evalynn Carroll
  17. Felicity Gaffney
  18. Giada Cambio
  19. Gianna Chasse
  20. Hailey Horne
  21. Hallie Hardison
  22. Iiyland Ray
  23. Iysis Dasilva
  24. Jaclyn Lamora
  25. Jessary Cedar
  26. Judy Thounsavath
  27. Julia Bruno
  28. Kaydence Holden
  29. Krisity Sanethavong
  30. Laura Gauch
  31. Leah Holland
  32. Leilanie Justo
  33. Liliana Mars
  34. Lola Paolissi
  35. Madeline Strauss
  36. Naima Blair
  37. Ocean Lombard
  38. Olivia Hurtado
  39. Olivia Langone
  40. Paige Doyle
  41. Precious Joy Tuason
  42. Reyana Ahern
  43. Sophia Pachis, Miss Rhode Island Teen Contestant who is a Fashion & Runway Model says "I had an amazing interview day! It was so nice meeting all of the judges. I can’t wait for this weekend!"
  44. Taylor Mooney


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