2024 Miss America's Teen Lottery Completes: Check Competition Order of The Candidates

Wed, Sep 27, 2023: The official announcement has just arrived and several Miss America's Teen 2024 Contestants have informed their competition order taking social media. This year Miss America’s Teen Lottery Day is happening today on Wednesday, September 27, 2023 starting at at 6:00 pm PST / 9pm EST. All the the contestants joined the official Miss America lottery that will determine the competition order for the 2024 competition.

As per Miss America Opportunity (earlier Miss America Organization) "The lottery will determine the position # for the delegates competing in Interview and Talent phases. Miss America HQ has not determined a final schedule as of this lottery. Therefore, State delegates are encouraged to select their order based on their preference 51 positions and not attempt to select a position based on an anticipated schedule or past Miss America competition schedules. The 2024 national competitions will not mimic or resemble any prior Miss America schedules. Preliminary competitions will be conducted in alpha order by State names."

The Lottery processed in virtual mode, each contestant taking Zoom meeting. Miss Illinois' Teen 2023, Isabella Waggoner shares her experience "Miss America’s Teen Candidate #46 for interview and talent order!!! The lottery tonight was super successful, I also enjoyed seeing the other 50 beautiful and smiling teen contestants all together on the zoom call! I can’t wait until Miss America’s Teen!"

Alexis Miranda Miss Arizona's Teen 2023 revealed "Miss America's Teen Lottery for talent and interview placement is done! Number #35 I Am! Way too fun! It felt like football draft."

Miss Georgia's Teen, Charlie Key told "It’s getting real!! Miss America Lottery tonight!! After 47 names being called I finally got to pick #25 for completion order!! 25 has always been my soccer number as well as my brothers’ soccer numbers!"

Miss Michigan’s Teen 2023, Miss Michigan’s Teen 2023 feels excited announcing "LUCKY NUMBER #7 I am SO excited to be number 7 on the Miss America Stage! Everything is starting to feel so real — truly a dream come true. Tonight was everything I could’ve asked for, so America… get ready. Michigan is coming"

Boston Pettera Miss Nebraska’s Teen 2023 said "Lucky #18 for Miss America’s Teen!!! I could not be more happy with my number and placement! I can’t wait to meet the inspiring girls of the @missamericasteen class of 2024!! Next up, knowing where and when this event will take place! Thanking God for this opportunity more and more everyday"

Miss Mississippi's Teen 2023, Nataleigh Nix shouts out loud "MISS AMERICA’S TEEN LOTTERY: I’m super excited to announce that I am candidate #17 in group Alpha for the Talent and Private Interview portion of the competition! I cannot believe I’m already one step closer to making memories with my Miss America’s Teen sisters!"

Miss New Jersey’s Teen 2023, Ashley Greco revealed "I am so excited to announce that I will be competing as delegate number 45 at this years MISS AMERICA’S TEEN COMPETITION!! I am over the moon excited, it is all starting to feel so real!"

The Miss America's Teen 2024 Lottery Results Showing @ Interview and Talent in National Competition

  1. West Virginia, Allison Dodson
  2. North Dakota, Ellie Ahlfeldt
  3. Oregon, Lena Larecy
  4. Connecticut, Emily Anastasio
  5. New Mexico, Emily Lehr
  6. Kentucky, Sophia Todd
  7. Michigan, Kylie D'Andrea
  8. Delaware, Sophia Hughes
  9. Nevada, Bella Hawkins
  10. Colorado, Olivia Newman
  11. New York, Sadie Perry
  12. Alabama, Elaina Burt
  13. Pennsylvania, Lizzie S.
  14. Texas, Natalie Poveda
  15. Washington, Emily Hamilton
  16. Ohio, Paisely French
  17. Mississippi, Nataliegh Nix
  18. Nebraska, Boston Pettera
  19. Maryland, Rachel Spencer
  20. DC, Dionne Odom
  21. Idaho, Ellie Harris
  22. Wyoming, Katelyn Reckard
  23. Rhode Island, Mia Daley
  24. Alaska, Lynciemae Adams
  25. Georgia, Charlie Key
  26. Wisconsin, Trinity Horstman
  27. Tennessee, Anna Parlapiano
  28. Hawaii, Lauryn Trader
  29. Virginia, Addison Rhudy
  30. Louisiana, Laura, Jane K.
  31. Maine, Leah Herrick
  32. Indiana, Keegan Connor
  33. Utah, Jaylynn Lindley
  34. Kansas, Erin Rolfe
  35. Arizona, Alexis Miranda
  36. Arkansas, Allie Bell
  37. South Dakota, Nevaeh Kee
  38. New Hampshire, Siena M.
  39. Florida, Anna, Katherine R.
  40. Montana, Julia Kunau
  41. Oklahoma, Aubrey Bartmann
  42. Minnesota, Natalie Berg
  43. Iowa, Juliana Clark
  44. Massachusetts, Emma G.
  45. New Jersey, Ashley Greco
  46. Illinois, Isabella Waggoner
  47. Missouri, Gracyn Rouse
  48. South Carolina, Margaret T.
  49. North Carolina, Hanley H.
  50. California, Marlie Wright
  51. Vermont, Ginger Ragaishis

An event named STAR of The DAY to "wish #38 Siena Lee Muccioli luck for Miss America's Teen:" Trunk Show for Miss New Hampshire’s Teen 2023 along with Contestant Talent Showcase is set on Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 6:00pm at Derry Opera House, 29 West Broadway, Derry, NH. Tickets are available at Missnh.org


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