16 Miss South Dakota's Teen 2023 Contestants Vying for Chance to Miss America's Teen 2024 Stage

Result WNNER: Neveah Kee Miss South Dakota's Teen 2023

  • Briley Steffensen 1st Runner-up  Miss SD's Teen 23
  • Crimsun Hotz 2nd Runner-up  Miss SD's Teen 23
  • Amelie Wilcox 3rd Runner-up  Miss SD's Teen 23
  • Natalie Biegler 4th Runner-up  Miss SD's Teen 23

Join In-person The Brooking Teen Final on Friday, June 2nd starting at 6pm to know The Winner in 16 Teens

Wed, May 31, 2023 Hollywood and Brookings: The Reigning Teen Queen Olivia Odenbrett Miss South Dakota's Teen 2022 is going to hand over her reign to the new Miss South Dakota's Teen 2023 who comes out winner in 16 Contestants at the end of Teen Grand Finale on Friday, June 2, 2023 commencing at 6pm and expected to last 3 hours.

The Mount Rushmore State’s Teen Pageant is a joint competition with Miss Sisters returning to the same theater venue, The Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center housed in South Dakota State University with three-day activities, two prelims and grand finale including Miss SD Competition. Preliminary Round scheduled on Thursday, June 1st at 6pm and Coronation Night on Friday, June 2nd, 2023 starting at 6pm which also is preliminary night for Miss Sisters. Tickets are available to book at Tix.com.

Olivia Odenbrett Miss South Dakota's Outstanding Teen 2022 has won the crown leaving behind 31 Delegates. She competed as Miss Siouxland's Outstanding Teen local title. She was crowned by Kianna Healy Miss Siouxland's Outstanding Teen & Miss South Dakota's Outstanding Teen 2021 on Fri, June 3, 2022 at the same pageant venue in Oscar Larson Theatre.

Miss State Fair's O.T 2023, Karina Novotny, the Adoption Advocate, tells “Off we go to the 2023 Miss South Dakota's Outstanding Teen competition!”

This Teen Contestants shares “It’s happening!! On the road to Miss SD’s Teen, right now!! Words can’t describe how excited I am! Let’s do this.” Amelie Wilcox is Miss Rapid City’s Outstanding Teen 2023 who is Advocate for Autoimmune Diseases, Musician & Songwriter and Entrepreneur

Check The LIST of 16 Miss South Dakota's Teen 2023 Contestants

  1. Natalie Biegler   
    Miss Hub City's Teen
  2. Calliana Fields   
    Miss Dakota Plains Teen
  3. Isabella Gortmaker   
    Miss Brookings Teen
  4. Caroline Haugo   
    Miss Railroad Junction’s Teen
  5. Crimson Hotz   
    Miss Badlands Teen
  6. Evian Johnson   
    Miss Jacks Teen
  7. Nevaeh Kee   
    Miss Missouri River’s Teen
  8. Megan Kogel   
    Miss Clay County Fair’s Teen
  9. Riley Lockhart   
    Miss Rolling Plains Teen
  10. Sydney Meissner   
    Miss Rushmore’s Teen
  11. Emma Niles   
    Miss Fall River Balloon Festival’s Teen
  12. Karina Novotny   
    Miss State Fair’s Teen
  13. Jerica Ratigan   
    Miss Huron’s Teen
  14. Briley Steffensen   
    Miss Siouxland Teen
  15. Kaylee Tostenson   
    Miss Hot Springs Teen
  16. Amelie Wilcox   
    Miss Rapid City’s Teen


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