16 Contestants Vying for Miss Hawaii 2022 Crown: Check Results Here

This Year Miss Hawaii 2022 is 75TH Anniversary Pageant
16 Delegates are competing for 75TH Miss Hawaii 2022 Crown to represent at 95TH Miss America 2023 Pageant
Watch LIVE TV Broadcast Miss Hawaii 2022 Preliminary Competition on Fri, May 13, 2022 at 7PM and Grand Finale on Sat, May 14, 2022 at 7PM on K5 (KFVE) channel 6/1006 on 6/2 and 6/11
Buy Online Tickets to Watch In-person at URL https://misshawaii2022.ticketspice.com/miss-hawaii-2022-competition
Pageant Executive Director Blaine Ikaika Dut is leading all activities

Update Sun, May 8, 2022: Miss Hawaii 2022 75TH Anniversary Pageant is now a sold-out event

The Final Results of Miss Hawaii 2022 75TH Anniversary Pageant

Results WINNER: Lauren Teruya Miss Hawaii 2022, Miss Honolulu

Makana Williams 1st Runner-up Miss Hawaii 2022, Miss East Oahu.
Anna Davide, 2nd Runner-up Miss Hawaii 2022, Miss Kapahulu.
Sarah Look, 3rd Runner-up Miss Hawaii 2022, Miss Waipahu.
Kyndra Nakamoto, 4th Runner-up Miss Hawaii 2022, Miss Kona Coffee.

Marivic Augustin WINNER of The Congeniality Award
Lauren Teruya WINNER of The Community Service Award
Makana Williams WINNER of The Academic Award
Anna Davide WINNER of Miss America Empowerment Award
Lauren Teruya WINNER of The Candes Meijide Gentry Talent Award

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Check 16 Contestants Vying for Miss Hawaii 2022 Crown @ 75TH Anniversary

  1. Katiana Amafala-Marquard Miss Aloha Hawaii, Social Impact Initiative: "Beauty of Change."
  2. Marivic Agustin Miss Waialua, Social Impact Initiative: "We'll be Okay! - Educating and Promoting Mental Health."
  3. Cheyenne Bajo Miss Leeward, Social Impact Initiative: "Just My Type - Diabete Awareness and Prevention"
  4. Makaʻala Perry Miss Mililani
  5. Makana Williams Miss East Oahu
  6. Cecilia Turcios Miss Latina Hawaii
  7. Tristy Chun Miss Waialae
  8. Allana Nicolas Miss West Oahu
  9. Kiri Takanishi Miss Kahala
  10. Sarah Champayn Look Miss Waipahu
  11. Flora Rodas Miss Kaimuki
  12. Anna Davide Miss Kapahulu
  13. Brittni Friedlander Miss Philippines Hawaii
  14. Lauren Teruya Miss Honolulu
  15. Kyndra Nakamoto Miss Kona Coffee
  16. Kennedy Taylor Miss Moanalua

Image: All 16 candidates for Miss Hawai’i 2022 and Miss Hawai’i 2021, Courtney Choy.
— in Waikiki.


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