Sadie Perry was crowned Miss New York's Teen 2023

Upstate New York takes Teen Crown Home, The Passport on Miss America's Teen 2024

Sun, Jun 4, 2023: Miss Upstate New York’s Teen, Sadie Perry was emerged winner over 13 Contestants and was proclaimed new Miss New York’s Teen 2023. The Outgoing Queen Dajania James Miss New York's Outstanding Teen 2022 (& 4TH Runner-up Miss America’s OT 2023) has crowned her at the end of Grand Finale in Paramount Hudson Valley Theater Peekskill, New York which started at 2pm on Sunday June 4th, 2023 LIVE at

Miss New York’s Teen 2023, Sadie Perry is a dancer who studies at Fonda-Fultonville High School and A Voice for Kindness across New York working on CSI Kindness is Key.

Upstate New York's Perry was awarded Teen Overall Interview Winner too along with Madisen Wilson of Buffalow Teen Overall Evening Gown Winner, Syracuse's Gillian Vit Teen Overall Talent Winner and Nadia Anwar Staten Island's Teen Overall Non-finalist Winner.

The Court of New Queen has 4 Top Fives / Runner-up, Jenna Nickles, Madisen Wilson, Anneliese Brayley and Gillian Vit.

New Teen Queen Sadie Perry Miss New York's Teen 2023 is 14TH Entry to Class of 2023 to Miss America’s Teen 2024 after Lauryn Trader Miss Hawaii's Teen 2023, Neveah Kee Miss South Dakota's Teen 2023 and Liv Newman Miss Colorado's Teen 2023.

Newly Crowned Teen Queen Sadie Perry Miss New York's Teen 2023 will represent her NY state at the national stage, where Washington’s Morgan Greco Miss America’s Teen 2023 will crown her successor at the end of grand finale.

Winner's Statement: NEW YORK, I’m yours

WOW!! This past weekend is in the books for the BEST. WEEKEND. EVER.

I have never felt as blessed, thrilled, and humbled as I do at this moment now. I'm feeling beyond thankful for this tremendous opportunity as I promise to represent New York with strength, grace, and passion, alongside my sister queen, Amelia Collins!!

Thank you to everyone who has selflessly supported and guided me, allowing me to have the opportunity to embark on this dream job of a lifetime!!

I’m so very excited, as I know THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!

Sadie Perry

Miss Adirondack’ Teen, Jenna Nickles shared "Recap of Miss New York’s Teen!" saying "It was an eventful weekend; however it was so much fun. I am excited to share I was 2nd runner up! I will definitely be back next year! I am so proud of Sadie Perry, our newly crowned Miss New York’s Teen 2023. I cannot wait to see how her year unfolds. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through my journey."

So excited that I placed 3rd runner up in the Miss New York’s Teen competition, my first time ever competing! I could not have achieved this high honor without the support of many individuals and companies that generously donated their time and gifts.

Pageant Details

The Miss New York's Teen 2023 Pageant shared the stage with Miss America 2023 Pageant.


  1. Winner: Sadie Emeline Perry (Upstate New York)
  2. 1ST Runner-up: Madisen Wilson (Buffalo)
  3. 2ND Runner-up: Jenna Nickles (Adirondack)
  4. 3RD Runner-up: Gillian Vit (Syracuse)
  5. 4TH Runner-up: Anneliese Brayley (Central New York)

Special Awards

Teen People’s Choice Winner: Madisen Wilson (Buffalo) with $1,942 Scholarship

Overall Interview Winner: Sadie Emeline Perry (Upstate New York)

Overall Evening Gown Winner: Madisen Wilson (Buffalo)

Overall Talent Winner: Gillian Vit (Syracuse)

Teen Non-finalist Evening Gown Winner: Nadia Anwar (Staten Island)

Teen Non-Finalist Interview Winner: Chloe Bronk (Mohawk Valley)

Teen Non-Finalist Talent Winner: Josephine Clark (Fulton County)

Check The List of Contestants Vying Miss New York’s Teen 2023 Crown

  1. Anneliese Brayley, Miss Central New York’ Teen
  2. Chloe Bronk, Miss Mohawk Valley’ Teen
  3. Gillian Vit, Miss Syracuse’ Teen
  4. Heather Lawrence, Miss Brooklyn’ Teen
  5. Jenna Nickles, Miss Adirondack’ Teen
  6. Joselyn Leonard, Miss Finger Lakes’ Teen
  7. Josephine Clark, Miss Fulton County’ Teen
  8. Madilynn Clark, Miss North Country’ Teen
  9. Madisen Wilson, Miss Buffalo’ Teen
  10. Mya-Isabella Samuel, Miss Niagara’ Teen
  11. Nadia Anwar, Miss Staten Island’ Teen
  12. Olivia Greco, Miss Fonda Fair’ Teen
  13. Sadie Perry, Miss Upstate New York’ Teen
  14. Sophia Borgognone, Miss Richmond County’ Teen

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