Amelia Collins was crowned Miss New York 2023, Placed Top 11 Miss America 2024

The Promoter of POWHER: Promoting Women's Health as an Entitled Right, Miss Manhattan takes Miss NY '23 Crown Home

Where she landed Top 11 on The Road To Miss America 2024

Sun, Jun 4, 2023: Miss Manhattan, Amelia Collins has won over 22 Contestants and announced new Miss New York 2023. The Outgoing Queen Taryn Delanie Smith Miss New York 2022 (& 1ST Runner-up Miss America 2023) took her last walk and crowned her successor at the end of Grand Finale in Paramount Hudson Valley Theater Peekskill, New York which started at 2pm today on Sunday June 4th, 2023 LIVE at

Newly crowned Amelia Collins Miss New York 2023 will represent her NY state at the upcoming 96TH Miss America 2024 where at the end of Grand Finale the reigning queen Grace Stanke Miss America 2023 will crown her successor who emerged winner in 51 contestants as new Miss America 2024.

New Queen Amelia Collins was the 7TH Entry to The Class of Miss America 2024 after Star Dahl-Thurston Miss Hawaii 2023, Miranda O’Bryan Miss South Dakota 2023, Madison Marsh Miss Colorado 2023, Caroline Parente Miss Rhode Island 2023, Brooke Mills Miss New Hampshire 2023 and Yamuna Turco Miss Vermont 2023.

Minot, North Dakota Native Collins lives in Manhattan, New York and studies Biology & Global Public Health at New York University. (Full name) Amelia Grace Collins last year started Winning With Grace Pageant Coaching Business. She is professional dancer and instrumentalist with judging experience. Collins already has her bag full with Miss Tennessee Volunteer 2021, 3RD Runner-up Miss Volunteer America and Seven Times Talent Winner in various pageants,

Coach Collins says "Pageants have played such an integral part in my life and I’m so grateful for every opportunity I’ve been given because of them. I’ve decided to begin my coaching journey in hopes that I can help young women find success in pageantry and see it change their lives like it did mine. Every aspect of the competition, whether it be Interview, Talent, Swimsuit or Evening Gown, is important and I am eager to help you put your best foot forward. To work with me, you can either DM me or contact me through my email, which can be found in my bio! All ages are welcome! "

Winner's Statement

On Jun 5th The New NY Queen on Road to Miss America 2024 has told the whole world the feel & experience as:

"24 hours ago, my life changed. I could not be more grateful, excited, and honored to be Miss New York 2023."

"I’m still trying to wrap my head around something I’ve dreamed about for so long becoming my reality. Tears well in my eyes each time I think about it. This past week, I was consistently empowered by the outstanding women in the Miss New York Class of 2023. I could not be more thrilled to not only represent New York, but to join this distinguished sisterhood."

"Taryn, talk about a pair of shoes to fill! Watching you serve this state & love on everyone you crossed paths with, inspired me in more ways than you know. I love you."

"Thank you, New York, for embracing me — I am so excited to embrace & serve you. It means the world to me that I have the privilege of representing this wonderful state at Miss America. Shoutout to the incredible @photomuse_kristin for capturing this special moment. 

On Jun 12th Collins shared the crowning moment video with the winning gratitude as "A little over a week ago, I was crowned Miss New York. The last couple of days have been filled with gratitude — and yes, it still feels like this is a dream🥹

Thank you to everyone who has reached out. Your support means more than you know.
If you’d like to follow my journey to Miss America, please follow @missamericany.

One of the contestants, Abby Quammen told "Empire State of Mind!!!" on October 16, 2023, after some months of finals "I am so very honored to serve New York City once again as Miss Empire 2024. It’s going to be a big, fun, busy year, and I am thrilled to get started! It is so special to be trusted to lead and connect through the Miss America Opportunity. I am without a doubt the woman I am today because of it. New York, I’m all yours! Follow me on Instagram @missempireny to keep up with my year and the road to Miss New York!"

Performance at Miss America 2024 Pageant

Miss New York 2023, Amelia Collins represented her NY state at The 96TH Miss America 2024 on Sunday January 14, 2024 at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando, Florida.

At the end of Grand Finale The reigning queen Grace Stanke Miss America 2023 crowned her successor, Madison Marsh of Colorado as new Miss America 2024, who emerged winner against 50 contestants. Collins was placed Top 11 Miss America 2024.

Pageant Details

Miss New York and Miss New York’s Teen 2023 Week was June 2nd-4th at Peekskill

Sun, May 21, 2023: People's Choice Vote Opens 37 Contestants

Wed, May 3, 2023: Tickets Now Available Online at URL

Pageant Venue: Paramount Hudson Valley Theater 1008 Brown St, Peekskill, NY 10566

The VIP Tickets Winner the Miss New York fundraiser, or the Empire State Liberty Club members who joined by April 30th, have access to Gold, Garnet, and General Seating area tickets on May 1, 2023. Sponsor Tickets and Forever Titleholder Tickets on sale April 26, 2023 while starting May 3, 2023, Gold Seating, Garnet Seating and General Seating ticket booking started.

Grand Finale & Coronation on Sunday, June 4, 2023 Starting 2PM: Results

  1. Miss New York 2023 Winner: Amelia Collins (Manhattan)
  2. 1st Runner-up: Chelsea Lovell (Buffalo)
  3. 2nd Runner-up: Scarlett De Witt (Adirondack)
  4. 3rd Runner-up: Gayle Petri (Syracuse)
  5. 4th Runner-up: Caitlyn McTier (Finger Lakes)

Top 11

  1. Vittoria Wakefield (Hudson Valley) People's Choice Winner
  2. Tiffani Singleton (Empire)
  3. Scarlett De Witt (Adirondack)
  4. Abby Quammen (Five Boroughs)
  5. Gayle Petri(Syracuse)
  6. Amelia Collins (Manhattan)
  7. Emily Mahana (Heart of New York)
  8. Caitlyn McTier (Finger Lakes)
  9. Jordan Sanchez (Central New York)
  10. Chelsea Lovell (Buffalo)
  11. Serena Exantus (Flower City)

Special Awards

People’s Choice Winner: Vittoria Wakefield (Hudson Valley)

Overall Interview Winner: Amelia Collins (Manhattan)

Overall Talent Winner: Abigail Quammen (Five Boroughs)

Miss Congeniality Winner: Daijah Paige, (Binghamton)

Non-finalist Interview Winners: Tara Nash (Queens), Meera Mathew (Staten Island) and Megan Stier (Liberty)

Non-finalist Talent Winners: Madison Gattullo (Richmond County), Zhanna Reed (Niagara) and CJ McDermott (Western New York)

Non-finalist Evening Gown Winner: Zhanna Reed (Niagara)

Miss New York Night 2 on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023 Starting 6PM

Talent Winner: Amelia Collins (Manhattan)

Gown Winner: Chelsea Lovell (Buffalo)

Miss New York Night 1 on Friday June 2nd, 2023 Starting 6PM

Talent Winner: Abigail Quammen (Five Boroughs)

Evening Gown Winner: Caitlyn McTier ((Finger Lakes))

Contestants Megan Stier told on May 23, 2023 "One Week Miss New York arrival is one week away and between the excitement and the nerves I am finding time to reflect. The woman who entered her first MAO prelim 5 years ago would hardly recognize the woman I am today. The growth, career success and friendships that have been created and sustained due to this program exceeded all expectations. It’s been the ride of a lifetime and I cannot wait to take the Miss New York stage next week knowing I will continue to learn through this program and the women who make it."

Check The List of Contestants Vying Miss New York 2023 Crown

  1. Abigail Quammen, Miss Five Boroughs
  2. Amelia Collins, Miss Manhattan
  3. Caitlyn McTier, Miss Finger Lakes
  4. Chelsea Lovell, Miss Buffalo
  5. CJ McDermott, Miss Western New York
  6. Cydnie Clark, Miss Thousand Islands
  7. Daijah Paige, Miss Binghamton
  8. Emily Mahana, Miss Heart of New York
  9. Gayle Petri, Miss Syracuse
  10. Jordan Sanchez, Miss Central New York
  11. Julia Robare, Miss Fulton County
  12. Kennedy Campbell, Miss Upstate New York
  13. Lillian Grace Lighthall, Miss Fonda Fair
  14. Madison Gattullo, Miss Richmond County
  15. Meera Mathew, Miss Staten Island
  16. Megan Stier, Miss Liberty
  17. Scarlett DeWitt, Miss Adirondack
  18. Serena Exantus, Miss Flower City
  19. Tara Nash, Miss Queens
  20. Tiffani Singleton, Miss Empire
  21. Vittoria Wakefield, Miss Hudson Valley
  22. Whitney Wilson, Miss Greater New York
  23. Zhanna Reed, Miss Niagara

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